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Vintage 1936 Ford Truck With Christmas Tree Metal Wall Hanging

Vintage 1936 Ford Truck With Christmas Tree Metal Wall Hanging

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Vintage 1936 Ford Truck and Christmas Tree Metal Wall Hanging

Dress up your holiday Decor by adding this unique1936 vintage Ford truck and tree wall hanging to your decor. 

Measures 12 3/8 Inches High x 16 1/2 Inches Wide x 18 gauge.

Brackets attached for easy hanging.

Available In Four Colors:
Colored - Rustic As shown in photos 1-6.
Black - no photo yet.
Bare Metal - no photo yet.
Hammer Tone - no photo yet.
When we make a black, bare metal, or hammer tone one we will upload the photos to the color variations.

The metal scene is cut out of 100% American made cold rolled 18-gauge sheet metal.
After each piece is cut, we then hand grind them.
During the grinding process, it may leave slight scratch marks on the finished product giving it a handmade textured appearance to each creation. The black and hammer tone version will come smooth with no scratches.
It is coated with a thin layer of varathane.
Due to the coloring process, colors and patterns may vary in the colored-rustic version.
Please be aware that the item may have sharp edges, but we do our best to remove them.
The photos have been taken with and without lighting to showcase the colors of the image.


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